Winter Solstice

The solstice has passed. It is winter.

Did you, as I recommended last week, put down your burdens, for even a moment? Did you allow yourself a little space to breathe, to step out of the freneticism that our culture demands this time of year, to give yourself some repose? Did you notice the quiet behind all our culture's noise?

In these days just on this side of the solstice, our energy should be at its quietest. One energetic year has just ended, the new one has just been born. Now is a time for quiet contemplation. We might look closely at ourselves: Who have I been? Who am I? We can even begin to ask, without demanding an answer, Who am I going to be?

Already now the days are getting longer. A small part of us looks ahead, already, to spring. Soon enough it will be time for planting. What, then, should our work look like in this time of quiet? How do we meet this moment?

Hold on to the quiet as long as you are able. Soon, it will be time to pick things up again. What tools are we going to need to sow and cultivate springtime's seeds? Take your tools. Replace the splintered handles. Sharpen the edges. Rest and prepare so that you are ready.

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