Connecting to Universal Flow

In the weeks leading up to the winter solstice, the reoccurring theme among my clients was a lack of sleep. Night after night, they would get 3-4 hours and then suddenly be awake.

Now, I’m not talking about one or two people. About 75% of the people I see on any given day would report these same things. As I questioned them about activities and life circumstances, the majority reported enjoying the holiday season, which always included more shopping and parties than they were accustomed too, as well as, family gatherings and a myriad of other activities that fuel the collective energy and negatively affect their energy system.

What I didn’t hear was that they were taking time to sit and harmonize with the flow of the universal energy.
I found that the following exercise helped calm their energy systems and usually helped balance their sleeping patterns within just a couple of days.

Connecting to Universal Flow

Find a place to sit comfortably and take several centered breathes.

Now, take several minutes and ground yourself using the grounding breath that we developed and practiced a couple of weeks ago.

I recommend starting by using the grounding tubes. They create a solid foundation when learning new techniques.

As you sit grounded and centered, notice the feel of the energy around you.

On the surface, you’ll discover a buzz or heightened vibration to the collective energy around you. This buzzing, busy energy is what effects our sleep and our ability to feel centered and stable. Be careful to keep yourself separated from this energy as you’re noticing it. It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of that energy.

Now, using the grounding breath - allow yourself to drop below the noise and the buzz of the collective energy field into the quiet and calm of the universal energy field.

At this time of year, just after the winter solstice, the universal energy has a very quiet and reflective feel.

Allow yourself to sit within the universal energy field for at least 5 minutes. Allow your energy to harmonize with the universal energy.

There is nothing to do here. As you quietly sit within the universal energy your system will automatically harmonize with the universal flow.

At this point, it is time to get up and continue with your day. You can let your grounding tubes dissolve but stay connected to the universal energy.

Initially, it will not take long for your energy system long to re-harmonize with the collective energy. Over time and with practice, you’ll develop the skill necessary to keep your personal energy field separate from the collective.

Finding balance between the energy of the moment (the collective energy), and the universal energy flow is critical for a balanced and healthy life. Next week, we’ll work on creating an energy shield that will help us maintain that balance.

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