Winter Solstice

Today marks the winter solstice. Not only is it the shortest day of the year, but it denotes a major shift within the universal energy. With the sun being at its furthest point from the earth, tonight is the longest and darkest night of the year.

For many, it represents the “long dark night of the soul,” that point of spiritual crisis on the journey towards consciousness. This journey is often rife with the symbolic death of major aspects of our lives, ideals, and beliefs that must be shed for us to become conscious and whole again.

In his piece on Friday, Ben alludes to the idea that as individuals and a Nation, we have indeed entered the long dark night of the soul. And even though the sun will come up tomorrow, we have a long and trying journey ahead.

To borrow words from Dr. Jean Bolin, a Jungian analyst:

“While the night of the winter solstice is always over at dawn, we don’t know how long we will remain in a winter solstice phase, and many fear while in the midst of it that there will be no light at the end of their tunnel and that dawn will never come. When help is sought, that very act is an expression of helplessness and hopefulness; an admission that we can’t get through this on our own and hope that with help, we shall. Often this is the turning point.”

Often, it is at this point- this point of crisis--that I am called upon and invited into my clients' lives. For them, the hope of successful resolution is often fading and I am seen as a candle, a ray of light within the darkness. I personally, have walked that long dark road more times than I like to admit. And, In the course of my life, I have born witness for the journey of many clients and friends as they have walked that road.

As the sun rises tomorrow, know that Ben and I are here, willing to do what we can. Although it is dark and often scary, together we can be the light to help guide our families, friends and even our nation through this trying time.

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