The Quest for Truth

Last week, I discussed the power that is to be found in the practice of the art of centering. The simple idea that the truth is available to us as individuals, groups, or even a nation as a whole should strike fear into the hearts of those who continually lie and deceive to enhance their own power. When confronted with lies, corruption, or just plain nonsense, Centering offers an avenue to the truth of any situation.

Recently, a client shared an article with me that outlined how over the last twenty years or so, Russia has been using a series of lies, propaganda, and fear to keep their people not only confused, but so beaten down by the constant lying and manipulation that they stop questioning the actions of their government.

During the article, the author suggests that our president and his supporters are essentially doing the same thing. Rather than give you my take or a synopsis of the article, I will share the link so you can form your own opinions. Please take the time to read it. It’s long, but I found it truly fascinating.

Here is the link to the article: >

I feel the greatest weapon available to us as a people is to be able to center and feel the truth. We don’t have to stand up and shout down those that are taken in by the noise and confusion that the White House creates on a daily basis. All we have to do is center and breath.

To steal a line from the movie Pump Up The Volume “the truth is a virus.” By centering and breathing we can help expose people to the truth. Just stand next to them--they are our fellow citizens--and breath. Before you know it, their breath will match yours. Their posture will begin to shift. And the truth of what has been happening will begin to shine in their eyes as well.

The revolution begins with a centered breath.

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