Collective Vs Universal Energy

In response to my piece last week, there were some questions concerning the difference between the collective energy field and the universal energy field. I thought it would be appropriate to deepen our understanding of the two.

The universal energy field is dynamic and robust while being grounding and stable. Sit on a mountain top or next to a stream and the wonder of the universal energy field is easily felt. It comprises the heavens, the earth, and everything in between. Even though we humans are also part of the universal energy filed, there is little we can do to affect or change it. It is immune to our petty bickering and political messes. It knows no countries or religion. It simply IS. If we attune ourselves with it, it provides a foundation of strength and balance that acts as a guide for living a connected life.

The collective energy field is the energy that you surround yourself with, from the people you associate with, to the places you go, and the information that you consume daily.

Many of us do not get to control the collective energy around us. Whether it’s at work, school, or play, we are surrounded by people and circumstances that we cannot control. For example, I work in a public recreation center. Because of the people who made New Year’s resolutions, and the kids being out of school, the energy within the building right now is quite chaotic with the frenzy associated with a new year. Each person who walks through the recreation centers doors adds to the collective energy of the building.

When you consider how many people come through those doors, the music playing over the noise of the patrons, the number of televisions that are tuned to the news and people moving as fast and furiously as possible, the collective energy field within the recreation center is potentially harmful.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing shielding techniques and other methods for controlling the collective energy that surrounds you. But before we can shield ourselves from it, we must learn to recognize and become sensitive to it. To do this, we have to expose ourselves to the collective energy around us. To help limit the amount of exposure and potential damage, I highly recommend that you start by grounding yourself and cementing your connection to the earth.

Once grounded, allow yourself to notice the energy around you. Watch the people go about their business, the expressions on their faces, the feel of the room. Don’t join the energy, just notice it. Practice this exercise in many different places, from your favorite coffee shop, your place of employment, to the facility in which you work out. Again, don’t manipulate the energy field, just notice the collective energy around you, while you stay safe and grounded.

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