The Power of Centering

In his piece on Friday, Ben concluded with the statement, “With enough practice, the practice of centering will always reveal the truth in a given situation. “In these trying times, the ability to seek, find and live your truth is absolutely critical.

But, as Ben also pointed out, centering takes practice and a desire to know and feel the truth. It requires an individual to be willing to look at not only what they say, but how they say it. Often, they will say things with total conviction, but their body language will be telling a completely different story. It takes courage, determination and a willingness to constantly look at your feelings, thoughts and actions for an individual to live a truly centered life.

Occasionally, people need help sorting out what is truly going on for them. Whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally, reconnecting to self can present many challenges. Essentially, this is where I come into people’s lives. I use centering and breath to help people find and live their own truth.

In my work with individual clients, I am always looking at their choice of words and phrases in relation to how they hold their bodies in order to fully understand what is happening for them. Only by breaking down both what they say and how they say it, can I effectively help them overcome whatever issue brought them to my door.

A perfect example of this was just last week, I was finishing up with a client when I noticed that my next client had arrived and was warming up for our session. Everything about her body language said that she was having a bad day and really didn’t want to be there. When I asked her how she was doing her reply was “fine.” Now, I knew that wasn’t the truth. She knew that wasn’t the truth. But instead of confronting her with her less-than-honest choice of words, I had her begin a series of exercises that involved lots of centering and breathing.

The act of centering and taking conscious breaths started unlocking her posture and she began releasing whatever trouble she brought with her that day. I didn’t need to talk with her about it. It was obviously none of my business or she would have shared. But the act of feeling centered and creating open and flowing breaths allowed her to create a space from which she could not only process her troubles, but find a reasonable solution moving forward. By the end of the session, she was fully centered. From the openness of her posture and the smile on her face, I knew she was ready to handle whatever had her troubled only a few short minutes before.

The power of centering lies in an individual’s willingness to seek truth while taking a long hard look at what is and isn’t working in their lives and to be committed to making the changes necessary to allow themselves to thrive. The act of centering allows them to walk a path of truth and offers a sense of openness and wonder in everyday life.

Center. Breathe. Let it be easy.

Center. Breathe. Let it be easier.

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