Creating Balance part 3 – Expanding on the grounding breath (revisited)

Last week, I walked you through a technique for grounding your energy using a centered breath. This week I am going to expand upon it.

The Grounding Breath

I would once again recommend playing with these ideas while sitting. As your comfort levels grows feel free to play with the positions and modify the technique to better suit your personal needs.

Let’s start by finding a comfortable position and center.

Take several centered breathes and allow your body to begin to relax.

As your body relaxes, take a moment to feel your feet against the floor and your body in the chair.

Close your eyes and visualize dropping hollow tubes from your feet deep into the earth.

Take 3 centered breaths. On the third breath, exhale down through the tubes until the breath is deep in the earth, relax and let the inhale happen naturally.

Now, open your eyes and let the tubes dissolve. They are no longer necessary.

The tubes were simply a vehicle for moving the breath into the earth. Once we recognize that the breath will move freely through the earth the vehicle becomes unnecessary.

Once again, take a couple of centered breaths. Direct your exhales deep into the earth. At the end of your exhale, pause. Let your exhale be fully finished. Allow the inhale to happen automatically.

The ability to pause at the end of your exhale is essential. At this stage, there is nothing else required of you. Just sit there and be. The inhale will always happen fully and automatically.

Take several more breaths and feel the pause at the end of each exhale. Notice the space created by the pause. On your next exhale, sit within the space and allow yourself to separate from your breath.

This separation allows for many things. We can separate ourselves from the stress and confusion of the moment. We can use it to move pain and restrictions from the body. We can simply use it to find solace and comfort within mother earth.

Allow yourself to sit and breathe for several more minutes. With each breath, allow yourself to connect with the earth within the space created by your exhale.

Removing the tubes allows for this breath to be used anywhere. Try it walking, riding in a car, even flying. Once again, the more comfortable you are with the process, the more accessible it will be when you need it the most.

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