Energy Dynamics

Last Friday, Ben very elegantly painted a picture of how one’s perspective changes as they become more centered, grounded and energy aware. How the centered breath acts as a reminder of the inter-connectedness of all things. The fact that we are all energetically connected makes dealing with our current circumstances difficult.

In my 50+ years on this planet, I have never seen so much derision and plain hatred toward people simply based on their color, political affiliation, religious beliefs, and/or sexual orientation. It seems to me that ideology has replaced the idea that we are all on this planet and in this together. That we all need fresh air to breathe and clean water to drink, not to mention a safe place to lay our heads and raise a family.

I feel that if we were in a state of flow as a society, these ideas wouldn’t sound foreign to so many. But, as Ben stated on Friday, our political system is blocked energetically on a very fundamental level. The real problem here is that any system that has been denied flow will begin to stagnate. If left in this state long enough, the system becomes corrupted and begins a disease process that if left unchecked often leads to the death of the system.

A perfect example of this a pond. As long as a pond has fresh water flowing through it, it will thrive. The wildlife that uses it as a home and/or a source of drinking water also thrives. Cut off the flow of fresh water and watch what happens to the system. First scum will begin covering the pond and slowly the water becomes toxic and the wildlife either begins to die or moves away to another water source. If left alone the pond will begin the putrefaction process and die.

During the election process, Trump often said that “when he got to Washington, he was going to drain the swamp.” Although the analogy of Washington as a swamp was a good one, the man has no idea of how to create flow. Unfortunately, if we don’t create some flow within our political system, it too will die.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be rehashing a series of posts from last year that works on the idea of building flow. As individuals, the more flow we can create within our lives, the greater the positive effect we can have on our society. The change has to start with us. Not by creating hate and derision, but by creating flow.

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