Guiding Observations as We Move Forward

I want to be clear about what I'm doing with these pieces. Our society is collapsing in conflict. Therefore it is important to me to do my best to write in such a way that someone who disagrees with me politically will at least listen, and perhaps even will take what I have to say into consideration. I freely admit that my political views are well to the left of the political mainstream in this country. Still, I'm doing my best to speak in the least partisan way that I am able, guided by a perspective in which I have a certain expertise, namely that of energy flow within a system. I have opinions about what to do about climate change, and immigration, and our tax system, and so on, opinions with which you may or may not agree. But our problem is not that we lack opinions, or that mine are right and yours are wrong or vice versa. Our problems run much deeper than that. So today I'd like to outline a series of observations that will guide my writing and my actions going forward.

Observation 1: Our political system is blocked on a fundamental, energetic level.

Observation 2: We're past the point where this blockage can be ignored or worked around. We're also past the point where this blockage can be easily fixed.

Observation 3: A clear manifestation of this blockage is that our system is no longer capable of bringing about outcomes that are for the good of the majority of Americans. More accurately and more strongly: only a small minority of Americans are benefiting from the system as it is operating now.

Observation 4: There's a growing awareness that something is deeply amiss, that the problems run deeper than just who's currently in office.

Observation 5: Hyper-partisanship is not just making things worse, it is leading inexorably to the collapse of the current system.

Observation 6: To solve the overarching problem, we're going to have to create a new way of engaging with each other both politically and personally. That means building on an understanding grounded in flow of energy.

In coming weeks I will explore all of these observations in greater depth.

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