The Opportunity of Crisis

Jerry has said that in his practice he likes working with people who are injured, because they are willing to make changes. The injury is evidence that something they're doing isn't working.

Expanding that insight out into the greater world, you can see that a crisis of any sort is also an opportunity. A crisis is clear evidence that something isn't working, clear evidence that something needs to change.

I assert that our country is in crisis. Even if you supported Trump, you are surely aware that the level of dismay, even anguish, among those who didn't is profound. Every day, Trump nominates another hard-liner to his Cabinet. While doing so is certainly his prerogative, it's worth remembering that a majority of the electorate voted against him. A Cabinet far to the right of the mainstream promises only to exacerbate the conflict and ire that our country is rapidly succumbing to.

What we're doing isn't working. As Einstein said, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insane. Sadly, no one in our political system seems to have the ability or wherewithal to respond intelligently and empathetically to what's happening. The system and the people within it are clearly incapable of making things better. That leaves the rest of us with an opportunity. If there's to be healing and better days ahead, we require new thinking, new ideas.

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