My Experience with Moving from the Athletic Model

While I'm not a Tiger Woods-level athlete (to say the least), I had a substantial history with weight-training when I first started working with Jerry. I started lifting weights as a freshman in college, got certified as a personal trainer in my early 20s, and have included weight-training as part of my exercise routine throughout my adult life. I had my first session with Jerry at the age of 40, so at that point I had been involved in weight-training for literally more than half my life.

In our first session, we started with centering and the breath, and then Jerry explained to me the problems with the athletic model of training. We went out to the weight room, and Jerry instructed me on how to lift with a focus on breath and feeling. The intensity of the workout was less than I was used to--no more sets to failure--but Jerry explained that I'd be able to work out more frequently, because the lower intensity meant I didn't need a day off for recovery.

Jerry sent me off with the instruction to practice, and so I did. I worked out nearly every day. I was not suffering from physical injury when Jerry and I started, but the relationship between myself and my body was definitely askew. To my fascination, it wasn't long at all before that started to change.

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