Training Tiger Woods Part 2

Take a minute and center yourself.

Take a breath.

Feel it rise comfortably up through your body.

Feel what it is to be in a state of flow.

Last week I stated that with Tiger, as with anyone else, I would start with centering and breath. I start here because for any of this to work, we must be able to breathe. Now, I’m not talking about respiration. I am talking about centered and conscious breathing.

A conscious breath not only creates flow, but establishes our ability to feel the truth within our bodies. By being centered and breathing consciously, we are capable of honest and open communication.

The ability to communicate is critical to this process. Think about it: I don’t know Tiger. We have yet to meet. I have an awareness of his public persona, but I would not disrespect him, or any other client, by pretending that I know them based solely on my perceptions.

So, we center and breathe while spending a little time getting to know each other. This usually takes the form of talking about health and fitness, as I try to gain an understanding of who he is and what he knows.

At this point, what I am looking for is a way “in.” Usually, there will be a contradiction between what a client is saying and what they are showing me physically or energetically. In Tiger’s case, I see it between the facade he shows publicly and how he carries himself while on the course playing. This disharmony is what needs to be addressed. But, unless he sees the same contradiction, I will not be able to start there.

So, with Tiger, I think the next step would be to head to the gym. I know the “in” I’m looking for, and it can be exposed and addressed there.

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