Bold Assertions

We began with the practice of centering (a practice accessible to all) and hypothesized that we could apply it in the service of meeting our highest potential.

We spent a year testing our hypothesis, and ultimately we deemed the experiment a success: through the application of centering, we discovered some of the blocks to our potential, and, through centering, we began to move beyond those blocks.

We make no claim that we've arrived at any destination, for there is no destination. The practice continues, and will continue, always.

But we believe now that with consciousness, we can achieve up to the very limits of our potential. With consciousness, all blocks to achievement can be overcome.

This is not theory. This is not an intellectual exercise. We are living this practice, and it is in harvesting the fruits of our practice that we dare make such bold assertions.

It is our observation that many people are stuck, embedded in patterns that no longer serve them. We've been stuck in such patterns ourselves, but through our practice, we have seen our patterns change.

Through our practice, we have seen our lives change for the better, and it is in service to that change that we are called to teach.

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