In his piece on Tuesday, Jerry boldly declared our experiment a success. We're ready to teach, he said.

I wouldn't have made that declaration without him doing so. I might have gotten hung up on that my golf game is still very much a work in progress. How far have we come? Very far. How far do we still have to go? Well, any concept of a final destination is unskillful thinking, but even if we limit ourselves to our initial goals (Jerry breaking 90 regularly, me breaking 100), I suspect I still have a way to go.

So are we ready to teach?

Absolutely we are. But let's be very specific in exactly what we're here to teach. We're both practicing golf avidly, but we're not doing it just or even primarily to learn golf. If that's your main goal, you are probably better served by finding someone who teaches more traditionally than we do--we can model centering, we can model our own practice, but neither of us can model a completed swing. By some measures, I'm no more than a highly devoted advanced beginner. Jerry would probably call himself an intermediate-level golfer.

But if your goal is an exploration of yourself, a willingness to confront your deep tendencies that get in the way of you meeting your highest potential--in all walks of life--then we're exactly the people you want to work with. I am unequivocally a better golfer and tennis player than before I started practicing with these principles. But far more important is how deeply I have come to understand barriers and blocks that I (and others!) put in my way from a very young age. More important still is that I am starting to release those blocks, and that release is making me a better person. I am living a better life. Yes, my golf game and tennis game have improved, but that pales in comparison to how much my life has improved.

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