It was a year ago this week that Jerry and I published our first pieces for TTW and began the project in earnest.

Earlier today, we were at the chipping green practicing our chips and pitches, and I was reflecting on just how far we've come.

We still mis-hit shots sometimes. Not every one even stays on the green. But the grouping of our shots, as it emerges, is unmistakable: our shots group around the flag.

It didn't used to be that way.

My goal when I came back to practicing golf after all these years was to break 100 within five years. I'd never even come close to breaking 100, but five years still seemed realistic if I was willing to work hard.

Jerry thinks I will succeed in that goal before the snow flies this year. I'm not convinced yet. But I have witnessed our short games progress radically in just a year of regular (but hardly daily) practice. This first year, we've put the bulk of our practice in on the chipping green. For the second year, we'll put the bulk of our practice in on the driving range. If our long games improve as much next year as our short games did this year, I will certainly break 100 before this time next year. Jerry will be breaking 90 regularly.

In the pieces I've published so far this week, I've been writing about language and the ways in which we use it to help or hinder our attempts to change. Today I am reflecting on how far we've come, and I have to wonder: just how much magic did we set free in our lives when we set out on this project with the idea that, "Yeah, we can do that?"

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