Truth Part 5

As I mentioned last week, your energetic center or energy bubble can be used in many ways to better understand yourself, the world around you, and our interactions with others. Honing the skills necessary to reliably use your energetic center (energy bubble) under various circumstances requires practice. With my clients, this practice is built into their workouts. Every repetition of every set is an exploration of being centered.

Ben and I use centering to find and explore the truth within the golf swing. In his piece last Friday, Ben explored feeling the center of the golf club in an attempt to find more balance within his swing. He shared how the relationship between his energetic center and the center of gravity of the club creates a sense of flow within the swing which results in a more consistent and repeatable swing.

Finding the energetic center, where the golfer, club, and ball all exist in harmony will be the key that allows Ben and I to easily obtain the goals that we have created at the start of the TTW program.

I encourage you to experiment with different ways in which to use your energetic center. Practice creating and developing your understanding of the energy bubble.

This week, I ask that you re-read the pieces that Ben and I have posted over the last few weeks. Start with the first piece on truth and monitor your energetic center as you move forward. Spend some time sitting and feeling your response to each piece. Look for the truth within each piece. Read from center and see what speaks to you.

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