Truth Part 4

As Ben and I discussed this series of pieces, he reminded me that this material is hard to reconcile, because it actually challenges our preconceived notions of reality. The idea that we are energy beings and not just the physical bodies that we walk around in can be difficult for people to believe. In fact, Ben likes to remind me, that sometimes it’s difficult even for him to believe. Ben has moved so fast in his energy awareness and training that I forget that he’s only been training with me for the last 18 months. Having worked and played in this field for the last twenty years, I often take being able to see and feel energy fields for granted.

This week I hope to provide you with a little more understanding and clarity as to what I’m trying to help you do and more importantly, feel.

From the moment we enter this world we have been programmed to think and feel certain ways. For the first five years of our lives we are learning how to navigate the world from our parents, siblings, and other relatives. As we watch them live their lives, we learn through mimicry, mirroring their deeds and actions. We learn to walk, talk, and think just like them.

At the tender age of 5 or 6 we start the socialization process by going to school. We learn to think and act in a manner that's acceptable to society. We’re taught their ideas and beliefs and these teachings shape our ideas and thought patterns as we learn to interact with others within our society.

For those of you who were raised in religious families, the church, whichever one you went to, added another layer of ideas and beliefs that shape how you think, feel, and act.

All this programming has been crammed into your head your entire life. Unfortunately, not all of this information was correct. I’m sure if you tried, you could come up with many instances where what you were taught as a child was not only wrong, but goes against your belief system as an adult.

Now, I’m not saying that this programming or teaching was in any way malicious. This is how we have learned to raise and educate our young. What I am saying is that we have another level of intelligence and knowing that we were brought into this world with. The ability to access this ‘innate intelligence’ was hard wired into our systems and is accessible to all of us, if we’re willing to access it.

In fact, I’m sure that you already have. For some of us, we occasionally get a ‘gut feeling’ or a flash of understanding that we can’t explain. Others have learned to trust their “intuition.” It doesn’t matter how you want to think of “it” or explain “it”, this is your innate intelligence trying to guide you.

Centering is simply a tool that I have developed to help people become more intuitive, while making their innate intelligence more accessible.

When teaching my clients about fitness and exercise, I always begin by teaching them to center. The first instruction in any exercise to find and establish their center. I do this to help build the center position into their posture and begin the process of teaching them to access their innate intelligence. If they can feel the truth within a movement, they can begin to feel truth within their lives.

The use of energy bubbles and other little tools that I introduce are simply a means to help you feel and access your truth. They become very helpful when using centering to explore other aspects of your life.

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