Truth Part 3

Last week we learned more about using center to discover personal truths. This week I would like to continue to hone this ability by sharing a technique that I use myself.

Let’s begin by Centering and establishing an open and flowing breath. Feel the flow as your breath moves through your body. Notice the sense of ease that accompanies each breath. Enjoy the feeling of being connected to yourself and your surroundings.

Remember, to be in a state of flow is to be in a state of truth. Anything that cuts or diminishes your flow should be looked at with a skeptical eye, because living to your highest potential is impossible when your flow is limited.

A technique that I find extremely useful when monitoring reactions to other people, places or things is what I call the energy bubble. The energy bubble is a ball of energy that you create and hold within your body. You can hold it anywhere, but I find holding it within the core allows for better monitoring while interacting with the world.

As you sit centered, imagine a bubble of energy within your core. It can be as large as you like, but keep it to a size that you can easily manage. Just sit and breathe through that bubble. Feel it respond to your breath. Notice as you inhale that it gets slightly bigger. Feel the quality of the energy flow as it moves through your bubble.

Now, just sit and notice the energy. Don’t do anything, just notice. Slowly move your focus from the bubble itself to the room around you. Try to remain aware of your bubble, but not focused on it. Take in your surroundings while being aware of your energy bubble. Notice any changes to your energy bubble as you take in your surroundings.

For me, I find that anything that causes my energy to expand and open to be positive and beneficial, while anything that causes my energy to waiver or contract, to be potentially harmful or dangerous. Don’t be surprised if your energy doesn’t react to anything immediately around you, especially if you’re reading this at home or somewhere you feel comfortable and safe.

As with any tool, it requires practice to master and use effectively. So this week practice creating your energy bubble in many different situations. Notice as it reacts to different situations around you. I wouldn’t necessary act on the reactions yet, just notice them. We want to be able to fully understand what our reactions are telling us before we react to them.

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