Truth Part 2

Last week, I had you monitor your flow as you interacted with others. This week I hope to explain some of the things you probably saw and felt as you monitored your flow.

Have you ever taken or seen a polygraph test administered? Felt the numerous straps and devices attached to your body in order to monitor and detect the slightest physiological response to the questions being asked. It’s really quite intimidating knowing that you cannot control your physiological responses under these or any other circumstances. As intimidating as all those straps and devices are, the machine isn’t even the lie detector, it’s just a monitor and recorder. Your body is the lie detector! In fact, unless you’re a sociopath, the human body is incapable of lying. From blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration changes, to pupil dilation and restriction of flow, the body will always react to the stress of lying or subverting the truth.

Because the body is incapable of lying, it truly is the perfect lie detector. Think about it: all of the physiological changes that occur in the body when being dishonest or disingenuous will block or otherwise break the feeling of flow.

Now, I’m not interested in using my ability to center and feel flow to catch someone lying. I’m interested in using these abilities to feel truth. My truth!

When we are centered and in a state of flow, we are in a state of harmony and truth. Anything that breaks our sense of flow has to be in some way or another bad for us.

Now think back to last week. Think of the times that you felt your flow get interrupted and weren’t quite sure why. It was that something being said or done wasn’t quite agreeing with you. It was interrupting your sense of flow and harmony.

Now, it does NOT mean that someone was lying to you or trying to intentionally deceive you. It just means that whatever it was wasn’t aligned with your sense of flow. Here’s an example: I was recently approached by a woman who sells supplements. She was telling me about her company’s latest product. By watching her energy, I could tell that she really believed in the product and thought that it would help me. As I listened to her spiel, I held a bottle of the product and monitored my center. As she talked, I felt my center contract and begin to withdraw. I took that as a sign that her product really wasn’t for me, so I politely thanked her for showing me her product but declined the opportunity to try it. It wasn’t that she was wrong or trying to deceive me, it was just not the right product for me.

Using my ability to stay centered in the moment and to feel flow allows me to explore what is true and right for me. For some of you, this idea that I can feel right from wrong by simply centering will be a stretch. Next week, I will share a basic technique or two so that you might explore these concepts further.

This week, I would like for you to once again monitor how your sense of flow reacts to others around you as you watch and listen from center. Try to use your ability to feel flow to learn more about yourself and your truth.

Remember, begin by centering and establishing an open and flowing breath. Feel the flow as your breath moves through your body. Notice the sense of ease that accompanies each breath. Enjoy the feeling of being connected to yourself and your surroundings. To be in a state of flow is to be in a state of truth.

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