Spring has Sprung

Monday March 14th was a really tough day. Not just for me personally, but most of the clients I saw that day complained of the time change. Well into the week, people seemed to feel disjointed and out of sorts. Everyone seemed to appreciate the extra hour of daylight that came with the clocks springing forward, but something didn’t feel right.

As the week wore on, the energy slowly started to shift. By Friday, people seemed to have adjusted to the change and were more themselves. Personally, I could feel the energy slowly shift towards finding balance again, but things still weren’t quite right. I could give you many examples of how things were “off,” but I doubt they would mean much to anyone but me. Let’s just say that things were slightly off center.

Yesterday, March 20th, was the spring equinox. It was the earliest equinox in more than 120 years. I’m not going to explain why it was, but you can ask google, google knows. I looked it up there myself. To summarize, I t said something about a long time ago (approximately 1582) men, who seemed important at the time, manipulated the calendar to account for something that also seemed important at the time. Anyway, the result is that yesterday we had the earliest equinox in a very long time.

Exactly one week prior to this we adjusted the clocks forward one hour to account for day light savings time. Yet another instance where men, who seemed important at the time, manipulated the calendar to account for something that seemed important at the time. (Yes Google can explain the who and why of daylight savings time.)

Now, I’m not trying to degenerate the contributions and ideas of these historical figures. I am attempting to remind ourselves that time really doesn’t exist. That it is simply an agreed upon concept constructed by man. In fact, historically, there have been at least nine different recognized calendars. Some were fixed on the number of days, while others were based on the movement of the moon, sun, or both. Some, myself included, think that the structuring of time is man’s attempt to make himself the center of the universe. Time, is just one of the ways that we attempt to impose our collective will upon it.

The dissonance that most people felt after the time change on the 13th lasted until the equinox on the 20th. At work on the 21st, the collective energy was better overall and my clients reported feeling “normal” after a week of struggle. One client reported that she was “well rested” after doing the bare minimum the week before. She didn’t have a reason for needing the rest, it was just that she wasn’t “feeling it.” People struggled with the time change, not because of the hour “lost” but because through man’s manipulation of time, we were thrown out of rhythm with the universal energy flow.

The word equinox literally means “equal night.” So an equinox is the day that we are supposed to experience an equal amount of daylight and darkness. By changing the clocks, we remove ourselves from the balance of the universal energy represented by the equinox. It is important to remember that man is not the reason the universe exists. Man exists, because we are of the universe and the universal energy.

To live a life of balance and connectedness we have to harmonize with the flow of universal energy. The concepts and ideas that we present here use sport and performance as a way of enhancing our connectedness to the universal energy flow. Our hope is to not only help you perform better, but to live a more fulfilling and connected life. Happy Spring!

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