TTW – Standing Center

Last week I went into detail about centering while seated. I hope that you spent the week practicing and experiencing the feeling associated with an open flowing breath. Moving forward, that sensation of flow and balance that comes with centering will be critical in improving our golf games.

During practice sessions, Ben and I have been working on various breathing techniques to help create an open flowing golf swing. That process starts with centering.

Standing Center:

Stand with feet hip to shoulder width apart.

Relax your feet by wiggling your toes and softening your arches. When you relax your feet your knees will automatically relax. It is physically impossible to have soft feet and tight knees.

Now gently raise your diaphragm – notice how your shoulders drop when your do this. (Your diaphragm is the tissue that separates your heart and lungs from your internal organs. It sits directly under your rib cage. To raise it gently lift your rib cage and you will feel it rise.)

Now, take a nice easy breath up through your hips and into your upper chest and shoulders. – Did your breath rise? Try it again.

Notice your breath as it moves up through your pelvis, past your belly button, through the diaphragm and into your upper chest. Now, take another easy breath. Allow yourself the luxury of feeling what an open flowing breath feels like.

When your breath flows freely from your pelvis into your upper chest and shoulders you are CENTERED.
When CENTERED you are in a state of perfect posture, with your body aligned from the soles of your feet through the top of your head.

Over the next week practice standing centered. After taking several centered breathes, close your eyes and visualize hitting a golf ball. Feel the sense of balance and flow created by centering while visualizing your swing.

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