Over that last few weeks I have shared some basic tips on centering and breathing. AS Ben and I begin moving into the nuts and bolts of this program, I thought it essential to explore the idea of centering in greater depth. The following excerpt is taken from my upcoming book on health and fitness. As you read, practice the techniques that are being described.

Wherever you find yourself reading this – take a minute, notice where your feet are. Notice your posture. Where are your shoulders in relation to your hips? Is your breath deep or shallow? Are you breathing consciously or unconsciously? How aware are you of your surroundings?

Now take a minute, put your feet firmly on the ground hip to shoulder width apart.

Have your knees bent 90 degrees.

Sit-up so your shoulders are directly over your hips.

Now gently raise your diaphragm – notice how your shoulders drop when your do this. (Your diaphragm is the tissue that separates your heart and lungs from your internal organs. It sits directly under your rib cage. To raise it gently lift your rib cage and you will feel it raise.)

Relax your feet by wiggling your toes and letting your arches soften. As your feet relax your legs will relax.

Now, take a nice easy breath up through your hips and into your upper chest and shoulders. – Did your breath raise? Try it again.

Notice your breath as it moves up through your pelvis, past your belly button, through the diaphragm and into your upper chest. Now, take another easy breath. Allow yourself the luxury of feeling what an open flowing breath feels like.

When your breath flows freely from your pelvis into your upper chest and shoulders you are CENTERED.

When CENTERED you are in a state of perfect posture. Aligned from the soles of your feet through the top of your head.

Practicing centering while sitting is perfect for our purposes. Over the next few weeks I’ll shift things to standing centered and applying it to the golf swing.

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