Feeling the Collective Energy

Last week, I asked for all of you to do something extremely difficult. I asked that you take a good long look at your personal energy field and see what you are bringing to the collective. I asked this because we all should be aware of how our actions and reactions effect those around us.

The energetic damage that we do to ourselves and others is rarely intentional. Often, it’s just something that happens because we're not living consciously. In fact, most of us stumble around completely unaware of the emotions that we are projecting through our energy field. For example, if you’ve had a frustrating day and you’re tense and angry, those dominant emotions are being projected through your energy field. As you come into contact with others, unless they are shielded, that energy will affect their mood and emotions as your energy meshes with theirs. Then, these dominant emotions get passed from person to person into the collective energy, infecting everyone, much like germs.

Occasionally, a group or an individual will intentionally try to influence or control the mood and emotions of others by manipulating the collective energy. The stronger the individual’s personality and the greater the emotion, the larger the effect on the collective energy and the number of people infected.

Incidentally, this is how Trump won the presidential election. Without bringing party affiliation into it, think about it for a moment. His message started as a tirade against minorities, inciting racial tensions within the poor and uneducated. As this energy caught hold, he attacked women in general and then Hillary Clinton specifically. As his comments got ruder and crasser, energetically, everyone became emotionally charged. Whether you agreed with him or not, you were effected emotionally by what was being said and done.

People who were pro-Hillary fed the fury of the collective energy with their outrage. People who were pro-Trump rode that emotion to greater levels of hatred and allowed themselves to be led into darkness. Those who were watching and not protecting themselves from the fray, got caught up within the collective energy. Once caught up, the intensity of the energy field simply made it impossible for people to think and feel. When this happens, we unconsciously follow, or are manipulated by, the prevailing emotions within the collective energy.

The result of this emotional manipulation is a president with no qualifications, a penchant for pettiness and wild emotional reactions. Coincidentally, that is exactly how Hitler took power in Pre- World War II Germany. Now, don’t take my word for it, read some history!

The manipulation of the collective energy was a brilliant ploy by Trump and the Republican party to control the election. Personally, I think it lacked moral integrity and will prove to be the end of our democracy. Apparently, we as a nation no longer have a moral compass and are no longer the champions of the weak, the poor, nor the down trodden.

In the weeks to come, I will be focusing on how we can begin to shield ourselves from being controlled and manipulated by the collective energy. Once we are capable of shielding ourselves, I will share some ideas on how to re-align our moral compass and begin to effect change around us. Between now and then, practice centering and BREATHE!

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